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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the station a DSLR with a person behind it or an enclosed booth with a button for guests to press on?

From our research and experience, we have found that having a person there counting off and pressing the button is better. The photographer can give fun ideas and make sure everyone’s in the frame. Secondly, equipment is more reliable and less likely to fail when handled by a professional. Our booths are all "open air" which means the booth conssists of a photographer, printer, backdrop, live view monitor, table with props, and whatever add-ons the client desires. It is not a classic enclosed photobooth.
















Why don't you do the traditional enclosed "booth" Photobooth?

While our setup isn’t exactly inside of an actual “booth”, the finished product is created to resemble what’s produced from an actual photo booth – a sequence of photos with a consistent backdrop. While they may not be inside a tightly cramped space trying to fit 6 people, the results allow for more posing, larger props, and a greater usage of negative space for the final photo. We’ve found that these days, the term “photo booth” has become interchangeable with the idea of a backdrop & props, so it’s just an easier way to refer to this service than to have to explain an "open air photobooth" or a “studio booth” or a “backdrop setup with onsite printing”. When a client see’s the term “photobooth”, it piques their curiosity and we explain to them how it works. We also love the traditional set-up of the small booths, they are way fun but we feel there are more options for this type of set-up.


What props are included?

A various assorment of random props are included. We’ll have a table full of fun, up-to-date, relevant props. We can also do custom props to match the event's specific theme as an option!


Who handles this station, is it one of the shooters for the wedding or another person?

The person that handles the station is a trained SimplyHeavenly Staff Members with substantial knowledge of lighting, photography, and printing.


Do you have a Privacy Policy for information submitted to this website?

Yes! Everything you submit will never be given to a thrid party or used in any other form other than to make our services more smooth for you. You can view our online "Pivacy Policy" here.

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